A Dancers Thoughts on Ballet Arts – December 2007

Ballet Arts dancers will dance “The Sugar Plum,” from The Nutcracker – December 22, 2007  Pratt Hall Montgomery Center, VT.


 A Dancers Thoughts on Ballet Arts:

December 2007

Ballet is my life.  I have been dancing with Kathleen McCloskey-Scott for five years and have dancing in general for 10.  I have been dancing on Pointe for 2 years.  I love Ballet.  I am recently studying 2 days a week for 3 hours a day.  I love the discipline and structure along with the classical choreography.  One day I hope to have enough skills to go to a Dance College or after College to go away and audition. To those looking into Ballet I would say, it’s hard work, but it is so worth it.  Don’t give up and keep working. Find a good teacher you like to work with and most important have fun.  Without Ballet I would not be the dancer I am today.  From everything like pointing and pulling up, it has helped.  I love to dance and I love Ballet!


One Response to “A Dancers Thoughts on Ballet Arts – December 2007”

  1. Maggie Jones Says:

    Love you girlies!!! XOXOXOXO ❤

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