A Dancers Thoughts on Ballet Arts – January 2008

January:  2008                             gwen.jpg   

 I have been studying ballet with Ballet Arts for almost six years now, and have learned how to dance various styles/characters and how to dance on pointe.  Ballet Arts offers me small classes with enough individual attention.  My dancing peers help guide me to success with their patience and encouragement in all areas of my life.  Ballet has aided me in other aspects also.  It has taught me self and body awareness and language skills.  It has improved my physical and emotional strength through long rehearsals and frustration.  Getting through this is often a challenge, but it teaches me how to manage other events in my life.  Ballet has improved my musicality combining breath with movement, and then adding music and technical elements.  I like to think of ballet as the basis of all other dance forms, as I study many such as jazz, modern, tap, and hip-hop.

     From my experience, I would encourage others to study ballet.  It is a form of exercise open to people of all ages and ability levels.  Ballet Arts is also ready to teach people of all sizes and body types.  I recommend the study of ballet and dance in general for many of the reasons stated above.  Dance does not only keep you in great shape, but it helps you become a stronger person who can create and meet their goals in life.  You will also make great friends in any dance class you attend.

     Overall, my experience at Ballet Arts has been fun and inspiring.  I hope to continue taking ballet classes for a long time and never stop learning and growing through dance.


2 Responses to “A Dancers Thoughts on Ballet Arts – January 2008”

  1. *****Your the best. Luv Ya *****

  2. Meghan Larose Says:

    Hey you are so amazing!! It’s great working w/ you on Thursdays!! Love ya

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