Agnieszka Kurzej

Ballet Arts Alumni       alumni.jpg    Agnieszka Kurzej

After studying at Ballet Arts for six years, I knew that ballet would always be a part of my life. I now attend Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and study International Politics in the School of Foreign Service. I continue to take ballet classes at the Washington School of Ballet as time allows, but unfortunately I can’t take class as often as I would like. I have also joined the Georgetown Ballroom Dance Team, and have loved every minute of it.
        The Ballroom Dance Team takes class once a week from a retired professional, and holds practices six days a week. The team represents a wide range of skill levels and even graduated students choose to continue dancing with the team. The team travels all over the country to competitions and other ballroom events, such as the Ohio Star Ball, the Manhattan Amateur Classic and the New Jersey Dancesport Classic Regional Qualifier. Most recently, some members of the team, including myself, were invited to be a part of the Disney World Christmas Parade with “Dancing with the Stars”, which aired on ABC’s Christmas Special. We were part of a larger group of back-up dancers for the performance that aired on Christmas morning.
        I plan to continue Ballroom dancing as well as ballet. It is most definitely true that ballet is the foundation of all dance and that if you’ve taken ballet you have an advantage in most other styles of dance. Thanks to my ballet training at Ballet Arts I have progressed very quickly and have advanced farther than most my peers in such a short time. The poise, posture and strength that I acquired through ballet shines through in my ballroom dancing, is noticed by my instructor, advanced team members and the ever-impossible-to-impress: judges.


2 Responses to “Agnieszka Kurzej”

  1. Kyla Paul Says:

    Good Job n good luck! we miss u!! lu ya

  2. Meghan Larose Says:

    Hey We miss you so much!!!

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