A Dancers Thoughts – May 2008

   A Dancers Thoughts ” You step out into the spot lights….hear the audience applauding…smile…and pour your heart out for the world to see!”  “That’s why I love ballet”. 


The stage is my home, and I am most comfortable expressing myself in the form of dance.  I have been studying ballet seriously for six years now, since sixth grade.  Each year I progressed to a slightly higher level, and began dancing on pointe my ninth grade level.  One great thing about the way my ballet teacher runs her program is that she goes by ability level; if someone isn’t ready to go on pointe, then she has them wait a little longer and get stronger before allowing them up on their toes for fear of injury.  She genuinely cares about each of us, giving individual attention during class and choreography times, and won’t push us to a point where we injure ourselves.
     There is always a strength issue when dancing, no matter what style, and doing ballet a few times a week makes your entire body stronger. In this way, it completely transforms the rest of your dancing, allowing you to stay straight and poised when needed, and to bend with grace and agility at other times.
     I strongly recommend ballet for any person of any fitness level.  It works your entire body:  legs, arms, back, core, Head!  There is never a dull moment and there are always things to be working on in your own body.  Of course, for the serious dancer, ballet is critical.  It develops your center of balance and gives you the stamina, control, and confidence needed to perform well onstage.


2 Responses to “A Dancers Thoughts – May 2008”

  1. Kyla Paul Says:

    I think that this article is ready to be published!
    Great Job

  2. Maggie ,you and the girls did a wonderful job on Saturday (5/10/08)-you ALL DANCED very well and should be proud of your accomplisment, I AM!
    I can hardly wait to get CINDY on the stage!

    Love to you all!
    Ms Kathleen

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