Scenes From Carmen & TheTales of Beatrix Potter

” I can’t begin to thank you enough for the stunning benefit you provided for the Haskell Opera House. Your generosity is beyond comprehension and sincerely appreciated. Thank you so very much. You are amazing….and your presentation was stellar.”

Gwynne Jones as Carmen

Hole in the wall mice. 5-7 yr. olds.

These students under the direction of Kathleen McCloskey-Scott presented scenes from two very different, yet entertaining ballets. The Tales of Beatrix Potter follows the antics of our favorite childhood characters, Mrs. Title Mouse and the Piglets.

Corps de Ballet

Ballet Arts imaginative choreography, took you through all of the mischief and tomfoolery of Mrs. Title Mouse and her cohorts, to the ploddingly, affectionate and witty Piglets. These tales are very comical and are for the young and the young at heart. Scenes from the ballet Carmen, set in Spain, opens with Carmen, friends, and the barbarous fight between Carmen and her co-worker in the Seville Town Square. We are transported to the illicit Tavern at Lillas Pastilla where life can move very slowly or too quickly for some. The Plaza de Toros shares with us in a very humorous way the Matador’s prominence and vanity as depicted through the eyes of his female fans, Carmen, and companions.

Beatrix Potter: Pretty Piglets Get Ready For Market


The Picnic

These electrifying scenes from the ballet use classical and contemporary choreography to capture the beauty and passion of Bizet’s original musical score.


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