-Mad Hatters Tea Party-

-Mad Hatters Tea Party-
Dance-Theater-Art (4-5 yrs.)
June 23-24-25-26
-A Faerie Tale-
Dance-Theater-Art (6-8 yrs.)
June 16-17-18-19
-Technique & Tutus-
Ballet-Variation-Tutu construction
-Ages 8-12 yrs. Level Two
June 16-17-18-19
Ages 10-Adult
June 23-24-25-30, July 1-2,
July 7-8-9 Master Classes.
The Masters
Intermediate, Advanced Dancers
Technique-Pointe -Variation-Modern-
August 11-12-13-14-15-16

Contact Ballet Arts additional information and registration; 802-326-4430. Registration is taking place now!


One Response to “-Mad Hatters Tea Party-”

  1. Jennifer Barth Says:

    Hi Ms. Kathleen,

    I just wanted to let you know that we are moving out of state at the end of the school year, so Dakota will not be able to attend your wonderful dance camps! If anything changes I will keep your tutu camp in mind for sure!

    Hope you are enjoying the Spring so far …. I hope it stays Spring!!!  What a rough winter!

    Cheers, Jen Barth


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