Ballet Arts Childrens Dance- Theater-Art Workshops June 20-21-22-23, 2011

Mad-Hatters Tea Party ~ 5-7 yr. olds


Each day the students started with 45 minutes of Creative Movement, and Theater exercises; to help develop their voices and confidence, they then had Art where they drew, painted, and sculpted.  The students selected characters and made art work to enhance their characters at a real “Mad-Hatters Tea Party the last day of the workshop.  Smiles were contagious and multiply levels of growth was achieved in a loving and fun environment.     

 “The story of me with life size paper dolls”

 Dance-Theater-storytelling-Art 9-11 yr. olds  




Kathleen McCloskey-Scott Director Ballet Arts

Sandra fw Beaty, Artist, Teacher, MA creative Arts and Sciences.

The students started each day with dance, they used their bodies as their instruments moving in many new ways, they then learned how to find their voices and add it to their movement progressing to duets.  Kathleen helped them to organize a short story identifying who they were and then the girls danced and spoke their stories.

-In Art the students learned correct body proportions and drawing figures, created a figure that moves, and then set to work on life size paper dolls on stretched canvas. You can see the pleasure and pride on the faces of the girls with their art work in hand!


One Response to “Ballet Arts Childrens Dance- Theater-Art Workshops June 20-21-22-23, 2011”

  1. Wow….. This looks great! And true, it was a very fun, busy, laughing, educational, creative and happy movement and art camp.
    Next year again? With a third class added? Oh probably. Hugs to all.

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